The Creative Fish Preschool utilizes the foundation of Creative Curriculum as well as The Ohio State Universities “Read it Again” – A preschool curriculum supplement to promote language and literacy foundations. Our teachers utilize their experience and education to help in planning lessons that incorporate every learning style and need of the children. Our lesson plans will also grow with the interest of the children. Here at our program, we have creative children that provide avenues for our creative teachers.

Another aspect of our curriculum focuses on Christian values and growing in our faith by demonstrating an understanding of life lessons taught in the bible and thinking of God in a personal way.

Class selection Guidance…

Wee 3s – New to preschool, just turned 3. (must be potty trained) This is the beginning of their preschool experience. Children will return to preschool the following year(s). We learn that there are other people in OUR world! Wee 3’s are becoming independent. Are learning to play with peers. We are learning the rules at school. We share! We sing! We craft and we play!

3/4s – Children who will have an additional year of preschool experience. We focus on rules, routines, and basic fundamentals. Letters, shapes, colors. Etc. We too play, dance, sing and investigate!

4/5s – Children 4/5-year-old children who will be entering kindergarten the following year. It is our “Kindergarten Ready” class. We focus on following instructions, communication, and academics. We may even be reading sight words by summer!!!