Creative Fish Preschool 2013 Graduation - New Philadelphia Ohio

The 2013 graduating class at our end of year celebration!

When you enroll at Creative Fish Preschool, you can rest easy knowing that your child is growing in their faith, building a firm foundation for their education, and experiencing learning in a fun and creative way in a nurturing environment.
We are well underway with our school year, but new classes begin September 2018.  Registration for our upcoming year begins January.
Registration and enrollment is quick and simple:
  • Church member registration begins Sunday January 7th and is open to the public on January 8th
  • We would love for you to schedule a time to come visit the facility!
  • Please call to check availability or to schedule a visit to the facility before printing and submitting forms (330) 339-6411
  • To confirm your child’s placement, please fill out a registration form and pay the non-refundable registration fee of $60.00
  • All forms are made available in the event that you lose one or need an extra copy.
Registration forms (please call to check availability)
Please call or email to schedule a time to meet with our administrator and check availability for your child’s class:
Jami Baker – 330-339-6411